The Hattrick Project began a while back as an attempt to trace the family origins in a ‘both ends against the middle’ manner. Traditional genealogy tends to start with a recent individual and work our way back in time. That method has got us as far back as John Hattrick who was born c1799. There is some reason to believe he may have been born in Scotland but all documentation is from Ireland where he lived and raised his family. It is hoped that by connecting all the dots in Scotland will shine some light on the matter.

One popular theory about the Hattrick name was that they descended from Irish Palatines who arrived in Ireland from Germany c1709. However, the research shows the family on a migratory route through Scotland as early as 1650. That and DNA evidence would seem to put the Palatine theory on the back burner, if not to bed altogether.

The Hattrick Project button will take you to our sub-domain with a ‘tree’ constructed using GRAMPS. I use the term ‘tree’ loosely because it is more a database of individuals and families bearing the Hattrick name. There is very little in the way of contiguous connections and that, of course, remains the objective.

Early Hattrick enclaves in Scotland

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