The McCormick button will take you to one of our sub-domains containing the main tree. Navigation is a bit clunky, but serviceable. It was created by the GRAMPS genealogy programme (or ‘app’ if you are obscenely young) and contains most of the research conducted so far. At time of writing this part of the site works best with Chrome.

When the research first began I needed to verify the maiden names of the grandparents so, it was a very small tree. Today there are over 3300 individuals and continues to grow. The original intention was to trace the McCormicks back to Adam and Eve. We’ve come up a bit short with the earliest documented ancestor being born c.1820. However, we have found branches that have swelled the ranks with living people. That’s why I like to describe my genealogical adventures thusly, “I went in search of the dead and returned with the living”.

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